Daily Prompt: Funnel

These daily prompts are interesting. I wonder where the words come from. Who picks them? Man or machine?

Funnel is not inspirational. Far from it. There is no particular emotion attached to that word. It is lacking in emotion, inspiration and personality. There is nothing that says about it “here write about me, I am interesting”.

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It’s funny we don’t use this as a name anymore–i personally think it’s a lovely name.

One of my favourite people in the world is called Winsome and true to name she is very winsome.

Isn’t it funny how people tend to live up to what you call them?

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Are you crazy?

There’s a certain tendency of creative people.

A tendency that at first seems unrealistic and impractical.

They tend to bend rules that others think are “unbendable”; think thoughts that others think too lofty and unacheivable.

They are not beholden to status quos and popular opinion. Their ideas are not grounded in what is viable or based on what has already been achieved.

They are far more concerned with what can be than what currently is.

They look to the future with hope, optimism and childlike idealism.

They imagine and dream beyond the confines of their surroundings.

If it wasn’t for them, we would never have summited Everest.

If it wasn’t for them, we would never have flown the seas.

If it wasn’t for them we would never have set foot on the moon.

And if it wasn’t for them we would not be dreaming of landing on Mars.

Here’s to the crazies–the visionaries who define our tomorrow by the strength of their imagination.

Keep dreaming. One day your dreams will catch up with you.

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